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Website Design, Development, Hosting and Maintenance

At BioCliniTech, our main offering comprises website design, development and hosting. We also extend annual maintenance services for websites hosted on our server. This is facilitated by a dedicated in-house team of IT professionals and is backed by strong project management coupled with state-of-the-art software and hardware support. BioClinitech owns a dedicated server located at Singapore. The location offers the advantage of hi speed broadband services to all our customers globally.


Our business model is unique in the sense that we consider our clients as partners and interact with them for feedback and suggestions at all stages of project execution. This ensures a successful partnership as against a one-time business arrangement.

We believe that as an owner of a network of sites you would be well served at BioClinitech Technolgies. We do have our services tailored to customers with a constant need for site maintenance, updates and modifications on a very flexible basis. Due to extensive experience with this type of customers our project managers communicate on your platform and are experienced enough to quickly understand your requirements and needs including the dynamic nature of your business.

You would find working with us easy and convenient. By bringing you the best of web development, maintenance and support we free up your time on most essential aspect of your business development - making you network bigger and stronger. It doesn't matter whether you need a new site to be developed or updation of an existing site, we bear all the responsibility to ensure a smooth sailing business for you.

Although our current clients are mainly the health care industry we have the manpower and expertise to be able to extend our services to FMCG industry.

Above-mentioned services however may not be considered as our limitations since we are open to evolving as a group both in terms of acquiring skills and infrastructure depending on the nature of new business solutions required by our clients.


Programming Languages

VB, ASP, ASP.NET, VB.Net, C#, J2EE,, PHP, Perl, ColdFusion, Python, CGI, JavaScript, VBScript, JScript, ActiveScript (Flash)


MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL and MS Access.

Web Servers

MS Internet Information Server (MS IIS), Apache, WebSphere, Tomcat Apache

Operating Systems

Windows and Linux

Why Us?

India the Silicon Valley of Asia offers the twin advantage of low cost and high quality that match global standards. Our international clients are proof of our services. Thus custom e-commerce projects that in the US / Europe cost in the range of $250,000 to $500,000 can be developed at a fraction of the cost when developed in India. No wonder global firms find that outsourcing to India works!

Our IT services are backed by a server in Singapore which offers the dual advantage of large bandwidth and high speed services.

Effective communication

Our project managers fully understand the importance of seamless communication for the success of the project. They are very responsive and are willing to discuss project details with you to match your expectations.


Unlike many software development companies we do not disperse our efforts across all services. We specialize in web development. Our specialists are truly professional in what they do and can successfully develop the most sophisticated and challenging web projects.

Commitment to quality

We are committed to quality and constantly work on improving it. We use the best industry standards in project management, development and testing.

Reasonable cost

India the Silicon Valley of Asia offers the twin advantage of low cost and high quality that match global standards. Our international clients are proof of our services. Combined with the advantages of the world's second largest pool of English speaking scientific and engineering talent, lower costs of living and strong government backing for the software sector, it's not surprising that BioClinitech can pass on the outsourcing benefits while still remaining profitable.

Payment Schedule

On fixed scope/ fixed price projects, BioClinitech also offers a phased payment schedule that not only smoothens out your cash flow, but also ensures that you pay each installment only when you approve the work done in the previous stage.

Protection of your intellectual property

We have a strong copyright protection policy. We do not sell the source codes to 3rd parties. All works that we do for our clients are considered to be “work made for hire” and belong to our clients.

Samples of Assignments

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